Monday, May 31, 2010

Outdoor Vignette

I know that I participated in the Decor Dilemma party last week and received some amazing ideas, but it has been too nice to work inside!  Last week I went to a few garage sales and scored some really neat things!  5 picture frames without the glass for $.10 each!  A really neat rusted lantern for $1, cute table/cabinet thing for $5 and 10 spindle/ballister things for $15 (one brand new spindle/ballister thing at Home Depot is $15, I got a 10-fer)!  And because I can't leave well enough alone I decided the other corner of the sidewalk in front of my house looked lonely.  So I prettied it up!

I am in love with spindles and I don't know why, I can't get enough of them!

This is my garage sale cabinet and lantern.  And I actually did not do a thing to the cabinet, I left it alone and did not paint it black, but believe me I am still thinking about it.  See my $1 lantern, love it!  I raided my decor storage and found a few things that are cheap and if something happens to them I don't care to add to the shelves.

I randomly cut the spindles down to different lengths and painted them.  Originally they were stained black but were really weathered.  I sanded them down a bit and used DecoArt's patio paint to add a little color.  When they were dry I glazed with my Ralph Lauren smoke glaze.

Definitely not perfect, but I like the weathered beat up feel to them.  I am not wild about the red one, I am thinking about repainting it but have been testing it out first before I made any decisions.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Memorial Day

I would like to pay tribute to all of our soldiers on Memorial Day!  Those who have lost their lives to protect our country and those who are fighting to protect us today.  Words will never be able to express my gratitude.  I want to say thank you for doing something that I am not brave enough to do myself.  Thank you for the freedom you have granted us.

Four months ago my husband re-enlisted in the Army Reserves.  There is a possibility that he will deploy this fall, which breaks my heart in a selfish way.  But I know that it is because of people like him that we live in freedom.  A few months ago he was at his monthly training.  My husband and several other soldiers were at lunch and a stranger walked over to them and told them how grateful she was.  When my husband came home and told me the story I said something like "how nice that was of her."  He was embarrassed.  When I asked him why he said "it's not a big deal."  "Not a big deal?"  I wanted to scream?!?!  Serving our country and protecting our freedom is a HUGE deal!  But not to him, he believes it's his duty.

Thank you to all of those who have served our country.  Remember to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for out nation.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bridal Shower Fun!

So I told you all about the bridal shower last weekend, sorry it has taken forever for me to post pics!  Unfortunately I don't have any pics of Audra and me together because I was busy chasing after my kids, but I did get a few pictures!

I actually fixed my hair!  Something I am to lazy never have time to do!

Audra's Mom was amazing, she bought most of the decorations (thank you Kate)!  And I was so excited when she let me make the favor boxes!
I think they turned out super cute!  I am 97% sure she got the diamond ring key chains from Oriental Trading.  I tied some ribbon around the keychains and hot glued the paper flowers onto the ribbon, so easy!

And this was my favorite part, the cake!  I love cake and I love to make cakes even more when they are this easy!  Slap some Oreo Straw sticks around the side and tie with ribbon and call it good, I didn't even have to make the icing look pretty!  I found the flowers from the Dollar Store, I was amazed that they sold such pretty flowers.  I bought the crystal beady thing at WalMart, it's cake garland and I cut it up and stuck them in!  I found the tutorial for the cake at Texas Monkey.  She has some really cute candy cakes too!

And I may not have gotten a picture with Audra, but 2 little girls did!
And yes I like to dress them alike, it's a sickness!  Audra I am so excited for you and can't wait for your wedding!

Featured @ Texas Monkey
Under The Table and Dreaming 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Help Me!

Amanda at Serenity Now is hosting another party!  And I love parties!  This party is a Decorating Dilemma Party and my living room needs some serious help!
Decorating Dilemmas
Back in March I had my living room, dining room and kitchen painted a heavenly shade, SW Grecian Ivory, it is a subtle tanny-beige and we painted the fireplace.....dark brown, I can't remember the color and I'm too lazy to go look at the paint can!  Anyway after we painted and got the new entertainment center I couldn't decide what to hang on the walls, so I did nothing.  And 2 months later I still have nothing.  Take a tour of my living room!
This is the view from the dining room.  I have never had any kind of window treatments up but I think I might want some???  I hate the blinds being down or curtains being closed and I want something that is kid friendly that they can't pull down or mess up.  I want to hang something in between the windows and in between the window and door, but I am stuck.  I thought about a clock and a few picture frames, but I don't know.  *I have a weird thing about putting nail holes in the wall because I'm afraid I will hate it and then have to spackle and paint...lazy I know!*
This is the view from the kitchen, pretty much the same as above.  See the toy corner?  These are all the toys that seem to get played with a lot and I got tired of having to drag back and forth so I just left them there :)
This is the view from the front door.  I am thinking about putting a vinyl saying above the mirror, but can't decide what I want it to say.  Also I need to put something in the cut outs beside the fireplace to keep my kids from using it as a stage....the drywall hates it!  I thought about fake trees but they are sooo expensive!
Close up of the fireplace looking into the dining room and kitchen.  And see the hideous coffee table?  I bought this about 7 years ago and loved it at the time but I have out grown it and it takes up so much room in the living room and someone is always running into and getting hurt because the girls won't leave the rubber stuff around the edges alone, they keep peeling it off.  But my husband insists on having a coffee table :(
TV wall.  Do I need to put something on the walls on each side of the entertainment center?  Or maybe above?  The stuff on top of the entertainment center was shopped from the rest of the house, like it, but it could go.
Entry way wall and the hideous fish tank!  This is my husband's and he loves it, but all the fish died a couple of weeks ago, so I am crossing my fingers that it will end up in the garage.  I have a huge print that used to hang above the fish tank of the Singing Butler
but I don't know if it fits anymore.  But I do love this print!

Anyway I need some serious help!  So I am begging, give me your input PLEASE!  I will forever be indebted to you!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Best Site Ever!

Today I was introduced to the Best Site Ever!!!  No seriously this is amazing!  If you haven't discovered it for yourself you should LOVE me (just kidding...kind of)!  I was checking my email this morning and discovered I had received a comment from Sheri about posting a link to my Skinny Post.  So I hit the reply button to email her back and she didn't have a reply email :(  No problem for me because I am an amazing blog stalker (seriously, not kidding)!  And I discovered the most amazing site ever!


What is Childmade you ask?  A huge collection of tutorials and crafts from blogland!

You know how you see a craft or tutorial that you want to do and bookmark it away or think you will remember the blog you saw it on and then spend the next 2 hours searching for it to no avail?  I do it all the time, but not anymore!  Why you ask?  Because you create a login and can save everything you want to your own profile!  You can sort projects by Season or Holiday or Paper or Wood and so on.  I am in love!

Are you still reading or are you in heaven?  If you haven't been to Sheri's site go check it out, you will LOVE me!  And Sheri, thank you so much for a wonderful site!  Love, love, love it! 

Sunday, May 23, 2010


The bridal shower was a success last night, I promise to post pics soon really I am just too lazy to go find my carmera.  Today the girls and I stayed in our jammies all day and watched Season 1 of Glee!  "Hi, my name is Kenzie and I am an addict."  Yes, we watched 8 episodes of Glee in one day!  And the best part about it is that the girls love Glee too, they like to get up dance and sing, it's so cute!

  So I will spend the next couple of days catching up on the episodes that I have missed from this season and then seek treatment immediately after!  Does anyone else find boys who dance and sing hot?  I do, I think I have developed a Glee crush!  Anyway I hope everyone has a happy 9 o'clock Dance of Joy!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Friend for my Welcome Post

#2 completes my front step.....for now at least!  I love the Welcome Post that I made last week, but I thought my front step didn't look complete.  So I decided to make her a friend!

Introducing the skinny!  I ♥ her!

For this project I cut a 2x2 24" long, I cut down a 1x6 into 2 3.5"x3.5" squares and 2 2.5"x2.5" squares.  I centered the squares and screwed through the middle into the 2x2.  

Did I mention I started this project at 10:30 after the girls went to bed and needed to spray paint?  No problem I made my own indoor spray booth!  My husband would probably kill me if he knew I spray painted in the garage, but what he doesn't know won't hurt anyone :) 

After I sprayed it black I am addicted to black and distressed it.  I used a cheap mug hook I bought at WalMart and screwed it in near the top.

To make my sign I cut a 1x4 down to make a 3.5"x4.25" rectangle and sprayed it heirloom white.  I gave it 5 minutes to dry and used my ink pad on the edges.  I used my Cricut and vinyl to cut the fleur de lis.  I drilled a hole near the top and used ribbon for the hanger.  I added some cheap upholstery tacks to the corners for a little extra.

And now I believe that my step is complete!

And remember the pot casualty from last week?  Nothing that a little gorilla glue couldn't fix, it's as good as new!  We are heading to the bridal shower tonight so I will post pics of everything we made tomorrow!  Can't wait!

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I have been a blog slacker this week, but I promise that I have been busy.  Can you say new addition to the "post" family?  And last night I finished the cake for one of my friends bridal showers tonight!  I promise that pictures are coming soon, but I haven't felt great lately, I even went to bed at 10 (gasp) last night!  But I slept until 7:30 and feel better!  

The girls and I are going to the bridal shower tonight and they are coming home and going to bed. I may or may not have guilted my wonderful brother into staying with them so I could go out for a little bit!  What are you doing this weekend?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm a Gleek!

I am finally a Gleek!  

Don't ask me what planet I have been living on for the past two years but I just started watching Glee 3 weeks ago and I am hooked!  What is better than an hour of some of the most amazing songs ever made?  Don't ask me, but I feel like my TV life is now complete!  Army Wives, Grey's Anatomy and now Glee!  3 hours of TV bliss!

Now if I could only watch 3 hours of TV without having to get milk, find blankies and chase kids to get their pj's on!  Are you a Gleek?

Monday, May 17, 2010

29 and I Should Still Listen to my Mom

I am happy to announce that a few things finally went right today!  

1.  I received a blog award from Melissa at Frugal Creativity.
Thank you, I am so flattered!

2.  Stephanie Lynn at Under the Table and Dreaming featured my Welcome Post/Sign Hanger Thing!
Thank you so much!

3.  My Mom was right again....I'm 29 and I should still listen to her.  Last week when my car wouldn't start she said "are you sure it's not the battery?"  I said "no, I just replaced it last year when the fuel pump went out."  My dad said it could be a starter solenoid (don't ask me, I had to google it to spell it correctly), my uncle said it could be fuel filter, my grampa said it could be bad gas.  Anyway I dropped it off this morning at the shop and they called me 2:30 to tell me they fixed my car and charged me $23!  $23????  I can't even get a half a tank of gas for $23!  Mark (the mechanic) said they tested the charging system and it checked out, so they tested the battery.........bad battery (luckily for me it was still under warranty so it was FREE)!  Anyway the moral of the story?  Always, always, always listen to your Mom.  She is always right!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Weekends Over?!?!

I can't believe the weekend is already over.  :(  I am so upset, it was finally nice two days in a row and now I have to go back to work....booo!  Oh well, I did get a lot accomplished this weekend.  Yesterday I made my cute little welcome post!  And today we moved junk around cleaned out the garage, cleaned off the back patio and drug out the water table.  My girls love the water table, me?  Not so much.  Kie and Tay changed clothes 3 times in 45 minutes because they kept getting wet. 

And yesterday afternoon, my car wouldn't start again and the blower on my furnace/central air went out not even 24 hours after my husband left.  Cripes!  So tomorrow I will drop my car off at the shop and try to get a hold of the HVAC guy to come fix my central air.  The last time my air conditioner was broken it was the middle of July and I was 9 months pregnant.  After being miserable in the house for 2 days I called someone to come fix it.  I was at work and Ben was at home when he came.  He informed my husband that everything was working correctly and it was me.  I was 9 months pregnant and it was 100 degrees out!  That was a waste of $60!

And I got a present tonight!  My favorite uncle bought me my very own countersink bits!  Yes!!!  Well I am off to unload the dishwasher and pack the diaper bag.  Happy 9 o'clock Dance of Joy!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

While Daddy's Away, Mommy Will Play

So my husband is gone for the next two weeks, which means two weeks of crafting and projects without feeling guilty!  It was finally a nice warm day today, so the girls and I headed to Ace for materials for today's project.  We made it through the store quickly and with no drama!  And we came home with this.
 2x2, 1x6, 1x4, 4x4

I had seen a really neat tutorial here to make your own candle sticks and I had seen a tutorial here to make candle stick hangers at Drab to Fab.  I loved the candle sticks but didn't trust my kiddos not to touch in the house (4x4's are heavy) so I decided to combine the 2 and make something for my front step.

I cut my 4x4 24" long.  I cut my 1x6 down to make 2 5 1/2"x5 1/2" squares and 2 4 1/2"x 4 1/2" square.

I stacked the 4 1/2" square on top of the 5 1/2 square and screwed the 2 together from the bottom.  I then attached it to the 4x4, flipped it over and repeated.  After this step you want to make sure everything is square.  The girls helped to make sure it was nice and sturdy.

I gave it a quick coat of spray primer and then a light coat of heirloom white along the edges.  When it was dry 2 minutes later (ha ha, I 'm surprised anything I do turns out because I don't have the patience to wait the recommended time) I gave it multiple coats of flat black spray paint.

Once the black was dry 15 minutes later I used my sanding sponge to distress the edges.

I bought the cheapest hook I could find and sprayed it ORB.  While I waited for this to dry, yes I actually gave it 15 minutes I went in the house to make my sign.  I used the 1x4 I bought and cut it to 11", sprayed it heirloom white, sanded the edges and then inked it with an ink pad.

I used my cricut to cut the vinyl, slapped it on, drilled 2 holes at the top and used beading wire for the hanger.

I have already decided to make some different signs to hang for the different seasons, but for now Welcome will do.

Here is another picture of the front step.  Wondering what all the dirt is doing laying there?  Did I mention I had 2 helpers today and we had a casualty?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Had a Bad Day Again....

She said I would not understand
She left a note that said "I'm sorry, I had a bad day again."
She spilled her coffee, broke her shoelace.
Smeared the lipstick on her face.
Slammed the door and said "I'm sorry, I had a bad day again."

The lyrics to one of my favorite songs, Bad Day by Fuel.  I can so relate to this song and today it fits my day perfectly.  So I suppose you are officially invited to my pity party but I kind of need to vent and writing seems to help lately.

So I got up this morning and was getting ready for work when my pager went off, needless to say I headed to work at 6:30.  Between people being on vacation and out of the office I was the only one at work today, again.  I don't mind working, I like my job but when I am by myself I am talking on the phone, responding to emails, and instant messaging at the same time for 8 hours straight.  Even when I come home for lunch I am on my cell for the majority of it.  I am burnt out.

I left work this afternoon to go get the girls, get to daycare, turn off the car, walk in and I am greeted by Kielyn who has a huge wad of gum stuck in her hair.  OK, nothing a little WD-40 can't fix.  Pack the diaper bag, put shoes and jackets on and herd my kids to the door.  Walk to the car, buckle them in, pick up the dropped sippy cup, find the blanket hiding in the bottom of the diaper bag and start the car.  Hmmm that's funny it didn't start.  Try again.  Nothing.  One more time?  Nada.

Call my husband, no answer.  Call my Dad, no answer.  My daycare lady's husband came out to check the fuses and everything is fine.  Try to start Talullah (yes, I name my cars) and she won't start :(  Next I call my Gramma to come pick us up.  While we are sitting there waiting for her I decided to try 1 more time....she starts!  Yes!!!

Get home, back into the driveway (just in case she won't start again and we have to call a tow truck), break out the WD-40 and spend the next 15 minutes picking gum out of Kie's hair.  Fold a load of laundry, put the wet laundry in the dryer, start another load of laundry.  Start dinner, eat dinner, put the girls in the bath, clean up the dinner mess, try to watch Grey's Anatomy but am busy getting milk, putting pj's on, find the missing blanket, brush teeth, go to bed and say prayers.

And my husband is leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks.  I wasn't a very patient mommy tonight and I hate that.  So I pray tonight for patience, and I hope everyone has an amazing night!  I am looking forward to craft time for the next 2 weeks, I can stay up as late as I want and don't have to feel guilty for ignoring my husband!  Now I just need some ideas!

A Little Sunshine!

Who doesn't love a blog award?  They make my day!  So imagine how much better my day got when Kelsey from Tattered and Inked gave me this award!

I have been following Kelsey's blog for sometime now and it is crazy how much we think alike.  Like the other day when I went home at lunch and whipped up my Keep Calm and Carry On frame, she had made her own version that very same day!  Crazy, huh?  So the best part about this is that I get to pass this on to 5 people and hopefully make their day a little bit brighter!

So here are my 5 "great" blogging friends!

Sarah @ Confessions of an Untenured Teacher - I just recently found Sarah's blog, but almost every time I read it I get a good laugh! But the compassion she has for her students is amazing! I hope when the girls are in school they have someone like her for a teacher!

Amanda @ Serenity Now - Amanda has an amazing blog that I stalk every day! Her thrift finds are amazing and she hosts some really fun parties!

Stephanie Lynn @ Under the Table and Dreaming - Stephanie has some of the neatest ideas! And she shares all of her secrets with her tutorials! She also hosts a fun Sunday Show Case Party!

Katie @ Impatiently Praying for Patience - I just recently came across Katie's blog and I her blog!  You have to see her tutorial for framing a contractors mirror!  And her blog title...genius!  I am one of those who thinks the problem with instant gratification is that it takes too long, so I can so relate with her title!

Amanda @ Dejavu*Crafts - The headboard benches she has been making make me smile :)  She is so creative!  I love reading her blog!

Check these girls out!  They are amazing!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My Mother's Day gift was featured at Under The Table and Dreaming!
Thank you to Stephanie Lynn for featuring my project!  She has an amazing blog and a fun Sunday Showcase party!  Stop by if you have a few minutes, she has created some amazing things!

Keep Calm???

Today I am feeling a little overwhelmed, actually I have been feeling this way for quite some time.  Work has been crazy busy!  We have about 25 projects going on that need to be finished yesterday.  On top of all of this we have a new prison opening in 4 months, our headquarters building is expanding into another building and we have a huge parole office expansion going on.  And this is on top of everything that needs to be taken care of day to day which is difficult right now because everyone is on vacation!

So needless to say I am frazzled, overwhelmed and having more blonde moments every day!  I am a very visual person, I have notes and projects all over my desk stacks of papers that are sorted into haphazard piles neatly labeled and organized.  I decided I need a visual to remind me to calm I made this!
I figure that if I have this to look at it will remind me to keep calm.  And if it doesn't it's something pretty for my office!  I started with this frame from WalMart.  Have you checked out their eco-frames or something like that, they are cheap, $3 and they are decent!
I used my Cricut to cut the crown and letters out of vinyl.
Bad pic, it's gloomy and overcast so the lights are on :(

I put the vinyl on the glass and cut out a pretty piece of teal blue scrapbook paper.
I love the way it turned out and it's not bad for $3!  So much cheaper than a box bottle of wine!  Hopefully this helps!

Linking to Under The Table and Dreaming
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