Wednesday, October 5, 2011

15 Things

Hi!  So we are about 9 months through the year long deployment.  Only 3ish months to go!!!  The past 9 months have been amazing, devastating, hard, fun, trying and a million other emotions!  I have learned so much about myself this year, some good and some bad.  So here are 15 I was originally going to do 30 things but after I got to 15 and it was kind of a long list I thought you might get bored reading, so I cut it down things that I have figured out or done this year!

1.  I am almost an official Young Life Leader!  I am so excited!!!!  I love Jesus!!
2.  I am strong!!  Never thought I was until this past year.  :)

3.  I create my own happiness, no one else.  If I'm not happy in my heart no one or nothing can make me happy!
"It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves and it is impossible to find it elsewhere." -Agnes Repplier
***so true, it's not a lie!!!***

4.  I control my own emotions.  They are my responsibility.  No more blaming others for feeling sad/mad/bad.  I choose how I react to someone's behavior and will no longer blame them/their emotions for my bad mood.  I can choose to not let it bother me!

5.  It's ok to say NO!!!  I don't have to say yes to everything, I can pick and choose.  And if I can't do something with a happy heart I shouldn't be doing it!
***Thanks Mom!  I finally listened!!!**

6.  I love girls nights to go dancing!  And it's ok if I go!!!!

7.  I am just as important as everyone around me.  My wants and needs are important.  It took me 30 years to figure this out but I finally did!

8.  I'm not scared to be on my own/alone anymore!  If I can work 40+ hours a week, take care of 2 kids and 1 dog, get all of the house work and laundry done, keep up with the yard I can do anything!
**Special thank you to Gram for feeding us not that she feeds us every night, but A Lot!  And I don't ask her to, she invites us!**

9.  I love God!!!  Not that I haven't always loved him, but I finally let him get in the drivers seat and I can tell you that it makes my life so much easier!

10.  It's ok to have "me" time.  Until this year I always felt guilty leaving my girls to have "me" time.  After working all week, I wanted to spend every extra minute with them.  After doing it on my own, I realized that I need some time to myself, it's healthy for everyone otherwise someone might seriously get hurt!

11.  Laughing is more fun than crying.  I have laughed a lot this year and about 40% of the time it's to keep from crying!
12.  If nothing changes, nothing changes.  I can't change people, they have to change on their own.  And if they do, great!  And if not, ok.

13.  I'm codependent, but I'm working on's a really hard thing to change, but I realize when I am doing it, so yay for me!!!  And soon I will be "Codependent No More"

14.  Faith is amazing!  One of the hardest beliefs to have but so worth it!

15.  I finally feel like a grown up!  I always remember my Mom telling me that you aren't a grown up until you turn 30 and I really think she was right!  Damn it!  Just kidding, kind of.....hate when she is always right!

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Green Willow Pond said...

Hi there Kenzie! I'm trying to catch up on my blogging friends and wondered how you are. Summer was crazy busy for me with no time for projects or blogging. I'm finally back at it.

This is a great post. I'm glad to hear how you've grown. This had to have been a tough year for you. I think you are a very brave woman.

Sometimes he stretches us to make us grow, but God is always faithful. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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