Monday, December 29, 2008

"B" Big Bottom!

Rossi and I were talking yesterday and I'm not sure how the subject came up, but she was laughing about when we were little and would have our cousins would spend the night we would always get in a stuffed animal fight. And I would always get hit in the head with a cabbage patch doll and cry. So I started thinking about growing up and the funny things that we used to do! So this is for Rossi, Jocelyn and Lauren.........

Some of my fondest memories are with Ross, Joce and Laur, we were the best of friends growing up. We would always spend the night with each other and the funniest things would happen. At our house we would be going to sleep, but really we would be up giggling and I'm sure being extremely loud and my mom had already been in 3 or 4 times to tell us to be quiet and if she had to come in again.......I just remember seeing shadows underneath the bedroom door that looked like someone was standing there and really my mom had put a pair of shoes in front of the door so we would go to sleep. One of the sleep overs we came up with the B Big Bottom stories, we would say that our cat Katie had gotten her bottom ran over so she would need to go to the B Big Bottom store for a replacement, and they were always too big or too small, and I have no idea where we came up with this stuff, but I just remember we would laugh about it and come up with the craziest stories every time we would spend the night together.

The concerts.......We would spend the afternoon at Aunt Wendy's house playing and we would go out on the front patio with our boom box and have concerts, mostly New Kids on the Block. Joce and I were the lead singers (because we were older) and Ross and Laur were the back up dancers. We would practice and then have our mom's come and watch. Remember the tractor guy that honked and waved? I remember the time we played in the silo full of worm poo, when Joce used to drive us around the yard in the Scirocco, Uncle Larry pulling us around on the sled with the tractor, telling our mom's that we had a surprise for them so they would close their eyes so we could get the sleds in the house to sled down the stairs (we thought we could trick them with old Halloween candy and we really thought they had no idea what we were doing), the times Joce and I would fight and Rossi and Lauren would fight, so Jocelyn and Rossi would go play and Lauren and I would sit around and be sad (Lauren and I never figured out that we could go play together). And who could forget Rossi and Lauren's monks? Joce and I used to torture you guys when we could get our hands on your monkeys! I remember Jocelyn teaching me to drive the jeep at the park, I remember telling Gramma Ila we were on a diet so we didn't have to eat dinner at her house, I remember spending the night in the camper and Beau would always get mad at us for some reason!

There are tons of stories, but these are the ones I remember the most. Thank you for being my best friends! Love you!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Kielyn's Christmas

This was the best Christmas ever. I never realized how much fun it can be to watch a 1 year old at Christmas! Kielyn was a blast. We woke up Christmas morning and she saw her Santa presents and was so excited, more excited over Taylor's than her present, but oh well what can you do! I think her favorite part was the candy in her stocking, I think she had 2 candy canes in a matter of 10 minutes. We passed all the presents out and told her she could start opening. So she would rip off a little piece of paper and hand it to me and then she would get distracted and leave and when I finally got her back she would rip off some more paper and hand it to me. Finally we would get to the present and she would tear the toy out of the box and start playing with it. She was so excited, trying to get her to open all her presents almost didn't happen, but eventually she opened everything and played with everything. Her favorite presents were the pretend food and the cutest little kitchen set ever! She has been cooking and eating for the past 2 days!

Today we were at gramma's house for lunch and we were all playing guitar hero. I was the singer for the band and she discovered the microphone. Eventually she became the singer for the band (we had to unplug the microphone) and she would walk around the living room singing and dancing. It was the cutest thing ever! So we had a wonderful Christmas with our family! This was Taylor's first Christmas, but since she's only 3 months old I know she had no idea what was really going on, just a lot of noise and a sister who stole all her presents. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Taylor Lyn

God blessed us with our second daughter on September 3, 2008. She is an amazing little girl. After having Kielyn I thought that all babies were difficult, I am glad to say that I was wrong. Taylor is a very content happy baby. She really only cries when she is hungry or tired! Where Kielyn needed constant attention and entertainment, Taylor is full of smiles and happy to watch the world go by.

Right now we are taking 3 naps during the day and trying to get rid of the early evening nap (not going so well because she still takes one), so at about 6 she gets really grouchy and by 6:30 I could care less if she took a nap, (actually by this point I'm hoping she will). So we get her down for a nap and she usually sleeps until 7 or 7:30. When she gets up we get ready for bed and feed her. By 9 when she is still bright eyed, I figure if I feed her again maybe she will fall asleep while she is eating. So she starts to eat and after a few minutes she pulls away and looks up at me and starts to giggle. And no I haven't said a word to her. She will carry on like this for 10 minutes, laughing and talking. It is the most precious thing ever! So I can usually get her to sleep by 10ish and then I will see her again at 2 and 4:30........and I can't quite figure out how it works that before I came back to work she would sleep from 8 pm to 4 am?!

So on this Christmas Eve I thank God for my two little angels and my wonderful husband and family. I thank God for the sacrifice he and his Son made for us and pray that everyone reading this has faith in God and seeks his guidance. I pray for your health, the health of your family and love in your life. Merry Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My husband

A little over 6 years ago I met my husband. Within a few months I realized this was the man I wanted to marry and spend the rest of my life with. We dated for 3 1/2 years before we got engaged. During that time we had our highs and our lows, I prayed every night before I went to bed that someday he would be my husband. My prayers were answered in March of 2006! We were married August 5, 2006. My husband is an amazing man, hard working, loving, sarcastic, funny and definitely handsome! He gives me the strength I need when I want to give up, the patience I need when I'm about to lose it, and the courage to try new things and confidence in myself when I begin to wonder who I really am. He also gave me the four most precious gifts in the world.......My two amazing daughters and my 2 wonderful step-sons. Not only is he an amazing husband but he is an amazing father. I love watching Kielyn when she hears her daddy's truck a block away from the house.......she stops what she is doing and runs to the window yelling daddy, daddy! As he walks in the door he scoops her up and gives her a huge hug! I love to watch him playing football with the boys in the front yard and how he can sit with Tay in the rocking chair for hours!

God has blessed my life with my husband and children and I couldn't ask for more. I hope he knows how grateful I am for everything he does for us! I know I don't tell him enough but he is the love of my life and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him! I love you!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Copying sister!

Today I was invited to read an amazing blog by my sister. So at this time I am bored at work and thought this might be a neat way to document my feelings toward everyday life. My life has changed a lot in the last 2 1/2 years. I have been blessed with the most amazing husband and two gorgeous daughters. I could not have asked for more. I hope that one day my daughter's can read this and hope they know how amazing they are and how they have changed my life for the better.

Little things that make me smile............when you are trying to get a 3 month old to sleep by taking her on a car drive when she is grouchy and you drive around for 20 minutes enjoying the peace and quiet, thinking to yourself how nice it is not to listen to a crying baby and having her sister hanging on my leg wanting up! So she has been quiet for the entire 20 minute drive and you think great I can go home because she is carefully pull the car seat out of the car, careful not to jostle her too much, you carefully set the car seat down in the living room and pull the blanket back to two sparkling eyes and think you have to be kidding me (at this point I'm not happy) you bend down to her level and you get the most amazing smile and your heart melts. Or when I went home today at lunch and I was greeted by the most precious little Kie angel dressed in nothing but a diaper and snow boots!

Tis the season for Christmas cheer, but I feel that many times we forget the reason for the season. As the new year approaches I am on a spiritual quest. I am a firm believer in God and Jesus Christ, but feel that sometimes I am lost. I know that if we ask for help we will receive it and I know that God is always listening and always guiding, but I want to learn more so I can teach my daughters. So I pray that everyone here is happy and healthy.
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