Monday, December 29, 2008

"B" Big Bottom!

Rossi and I were talking yesterday and I'm not sure how the subject came up, but she was laughing about when we were little and would have our cousins would spend the night we would always get in a stuffed animal fight. And I would always get hit in the head with a cabbage patch doll and cry. So I started thinking about growing up and the funny things that we used to do! So this is for Rossi, Jocelyn and Lauren.........

Some of my fondest memories are with Ross, Joce and Laur, we were the best of friends growing up. We would always spend the night with each other and the funniest things would happen. At our house we would be going to sleep, but really we would be up giggling and I'm sure being extremely loud and my mom had already been in 3 or 4 times to tell us to be quiet and if she had to come in again.......I just remember seeing shadows underneath the bedroom door that looked like someone was standing there and really my mom had put a pair of shoes in front of the door so we would go to sleep. One of the sleep overs we came up with the B Big Bottom stories, we would say that our cat Katie had gotten her bottom ran over so she would need to go to the B Big Bottom store for a replacement, and they were always too big or too small, and I have no idea where we came up with this stuff, but I just remember we would laugh about it and come up with the craziest stories every time we would spend the night together.

The concerts.......We would spend the afternoon at Aunt Wendy's house playing and we would go out on the front patio with our boom box and have concerts, mostly New Kids on the Block. Joce and I were the lead singers (because we were older) and Ross and Laur were the back up dancers. We would practice and then have our mom's come and watch. Remember the tractor guy that honked and waved? I remember the time we played in the silo full of worm poo, when Joce used to drive us around the yard in the Scirocco, Uncle Larry pulling us around on the sled with the tractor, telling our mom's that we had a surprise for them so they would close their eyes so we could get the sleds in the house to sled down the stairs (we thought we could trick them with old Halloween candy and we really thought they had no idea what we were doing), the times Joce and I would fight and Rossi and Lauren would fight, so Jocelyn and Rossi would go play and Lauren and I would sit around and be sad (Lauren and I never figured out that we could go play together). And who could forget Rossi and Lauren's monks? Joce and I used to torture you guys when we could get our hands on your monkeys! I remember Jocelyn teaching me to drive the jeep at the park, I remember telling Gramma Ila we were on a diet so we didn't have to eat dinner at her house, I remember spending the night in the camper and Beau would always get mad at us for some reason!

There are tons of stories, but these are the ones I remember the most. Thank you for being my best friends! Love you!

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