Friday, December 26, 2008

Kielyn's Christmas

This was the best Christmas ever. I never realized how much fun it can be to watch a 1 year old at Christmas! Kielyn was a blast. We woke up Christmas morning and she saw her Santa presents and was so excited, more excited over Taylor's than her present, but oh well what can you do! I think her favorite part was the candy in her stocking, I think she had 2 candy canes in a matter of 10 minutes. We passed all the presents out and told her she could start opening. So she would rip off a little piece of paper and hand it to me and then she would get distracted and leave and when I finally got her back she would rip off some more paper and hand it to me. Finally we would get to the present and she would tear the toy out of the box and start playing with it. She was so excited, trying to get her to open all her presents almost didn't happen, but eventually she opened everything and played with everything. Her favorite presents were the pretend food and the cutest little kitchen set ever! She has been cooking and eating for the past 2 days!

Today we were at gramma's house for lunch and we were all playing guitar hero. I was the singer for the band and she discovered the microphone. Eventually she became the singer for the band (we had to unplug the microphone) and she would walk around the living room singing and dancing. It was the cutest thing ever! So we had a wonderful Christmas with our family! This was Taylor's first Christmas, but since she's only 3 months old I know she had no idea what was really going on, just a lot of noise and a sister who stole all her presents. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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