Monday, December 17, 2012

The Not So Much Room Mother, Room Mother

My oldest daughter started kindergarten this year and one of the things I was so excited about was getting to be a room mother.  At the beginning of the school year her teacher said they would be sending home a volunteer/sign up sheet for room mothers and volunteers, so I have been patiently waiting for months.  Finally at the beginning of December I sent her teacher and email saying how I would love to help with the Christmas party only to find out that two other Mom's who get to drop-off/pick-up their kids everyday had already talked to her and were the "official" room mothers.  Kielyn's teacher let me know who they were and told me to get with them to see if they needed help.  So I immediately texted one of the mom's and asked what I could do to help.  A day later she texted back and asked me if I could be in charge of cups/plates/napkins.  


How could I get stuck with cups/plates/napkins?  Didn't they know that I had a million ideas on fun things we could do at the Christmas party?  Of course I said yes I would love to bring the supplies and then I pouted.  How am I supposed to measure up to my Mom's amazing school parties she planned every year for us?  Parties so amazing that I have friends who call 20ish years later saying remember when we were in 2nd grade and your Mom made those really cool xxxx's(insert really cool things that Mom always came up with).

And then it hit me I would bring the best cups/plates/napkins that have been to a school party.  Remember the episode of Friends where Phoebe was assigned cups and ice for the party she and Monica were co-hosting?  My Mom told me I was Phoebe.....

I decided that I would make melted snowman cups and reindeer plates.  My dear friend crushed my idea of snowman cups because the kids would probably spill their drinks looking at the bottom of the cups, so I decided I would make regular snowman cups.  I found the cutest snowman cups at Blue Cricket Design and copied her idea.

I love them!  So stinking cute!!!

And my little reindeer plates, they are cuter in person, I promise.
The girl reindeer!

And the boy reindeer!
I also bought some super cute napkins and paper straws from Michael's.  I am super excited to go to her first school party!  I also know that next year I will jump the teacher like a spider monkey jacked up on Mountain Dew at back to school night to make sure I get to be an official room mom!
Merry Almost Christmas!

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