Monday, January 12, 2009

Sleeping Babies

There is nothing more precious than watching a baby sleep, there is something so peaceful about it. Their little eyes fluttering, their mouths twitching and the sweet look on their face. I just put Taylor down to sleep, but I sat with her for a few extra minutes just to watch her sleep because before I know it she won't want to snuggle anymore, she will be independent and into everything! I was lucky enough to get to wake Kielyn up this morning, normally her little head pops up at the sound of the door opening, but today she didn't wake up, so as I stood there and watched her sleep it made me think that it seems like just yesterday she was Taylor's age and how fast time really flies by. Kie was so adorable she was snuggled up with her blanket, kitty and baby (and this baby weighs like 8 pounds and looks freakishly real.......thanks gram!) and as I rubbed her back to wake her up she rolled over and stretched and said hi mommy, love you (which really sounds like lub you, not complaining) who could ask for anything more. So these are definitely moments that I don't want to forget, watching my girls sleep looking like little angels!

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