Friday, January 16, 2009

Mobility & Mine Too!

Taylor finally rolled over yesterday, January 15, 2009! Not only did she roll over, but she rolled from back to stomach and from stomach to back in one day! So now she is no longer safe left by herself on anything that is about 2 inches off the ground! There is nothing cuter than seeing a little bird head wobbling around as they look up at you when they are laying on their stomach!

Kielyn's new thing (she picked this up at daycare) is Mine Too! Everything is mine too, Taylor's toys, Kielyn's toys, Max's toys, Mom's shoes and Dad's flashlight! This is my least favorite phrase that comes out of her mouth......I would rather hear poop a million times a day! But she is liking her sister more and more everyday. The more alert Tay becomes the more Kielyn likes her. I can't wait until Tay is old enough to play with her because eating plastic food and drinking pretend coffee for hours everyday is getting old (not that I don't like doing this, but she traps you in her room and won't let you leave, literally, she shuts the door and if you try to open it to get out, she slams it in your face). I can't imagine having only 1 child and being their sole source of entertainment! And besides you have to have an even number of kids so no one gets left out at the carnival, they don't make rides for 3!

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