Sunday, February 15, 2009


Taylor is finally sleeping in her bed, not her car seat anymore! Hopefully the back of her head will pop out, she has the flattest head ever (that's what happens when you sleep in your carseat for 4 1/2 months). Yesterday was Valentine's Day and gramma brought the girls their present. She had gotten Kielyn this huge, and I mean huge sucker. Kielyn was eating it and she sat by Taylor. Taylor got sooooo excited kicking and yelling and bouncing out of my lap. So we gave her some and she loved it! Last night we gave her a smaller sucker and she had the entire thing gone in about 5 minutes. Needless to say we took 3 baths in 2 days, one before the sucker, one after the huge sucker and another one after the small suckers! Tay spends a lot of time on her tummy these days, pushing her chest up off the ground, I am guessing in the next month we will have a crawler! I know this sounds strange, but I can't wait! It's so nice when they can start following you around. I was thinking the other day, I am so excited every time Tay does something new, but sad at the same time, because she is my last baby! Every time she reaches a milestone I can't help but think it's the last time!

I can't believe that Kielyn is almost 2! For a while when you tell her to do something that she doesn't want to do, she immediately lays down and pretends like she is sleeping, snoring and all. Well the past couple of days she has given up laying down and will pretend like she is sleeping standing up. She stands there, eyes closed and snores and pretends like she can't hear you! It really is cute! We think the love bug bit her yesterday because she was the sweetest, cuddliest little monster ever! Every time I turned around she was giving me hugs and kisses and telling me lub you! Her talking is out of control! She can say whatever she wants and has started putting 2 and 3 words together. The other day I was feeding Taylor and Kie crawled up on the couch, laid down beside me, pulled up her shirt and told me "tickle back." This morning I sneezed and she told me "bwess you." Luckily she hasn't said any horribly awful words yet, but we were watching a movie the other night and someone said "No Sh!t" and she did repeat it, but since then we haven't heard any! Cross our fingers, I know the time will come, but I just won't think about it yet!

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