Friday, April 2, 2010

Picnic, Picnic, Who Loves a Picnic?

My girls love picnics!  Tuesday night the weather was perfect and by perfect I mean 70 degrees perfect.  The girls were out playing in the back yard and I was grilling steaks.  Kielyn asked me if we could eat outside and I told her that we could.  So I hauled the booster chairs out of the dining room (kind of a pain because they are strapped down and mostly because I am lazy) and set them up at the table.  They still had a hard time eating because the patio chairs are so deep and they can't quite reach the table.  So I decided that they needed their own table.  So I went out in search for plans for a picnic table online.  And that's when I met Ana, my new bff!  Have you been to Knock Off Wood?  Her site is amazing!  She has plans for everything that you have ever drooled over in the expensive catalogs and can't afford (and the reason I don't mention store names is because recently she received a letter from the lawyers of the big store for infringement reasons).   Anyway go check her out, her site is amazing!

So Furlough Friday Craft Day went off without a hitch!  I was complaining last because the weather was supposed to be bad today and I called my uncle this morning to borrow a couple of tools and he offered to let me use his shop.  So this is what I worked in today!

Can you say love?  Everything you could ever want or need is in his shop.  Table saw, Miter saw, Jointer, Router Table, sanders, drills, bits and so much more.  I ♥ his shop!  So bright and early I headed to Ace to pick up my wood.  I decided to use redwood, it's a little more expensive but less splintery and with my amazing instructions I got started.  First I cut my wood according to Ana, did I mention how much I love her?!?!
Following the instructions I carefully put it together, here are the action shots(kind of, I was by myself and someone had to take the pictures)...insert Tim the Tool Man grunt here!
Table top assembled.
Table top supports.
Leg assembly, I now love clamps!
Look, they stayed on!
4 legs!  After this step I did set the table on the ground to check for wobble and levelness and my table didn't wobble.  Yay for me!!
Bench supports going in, the men in my family would be so proud of me, not only did I make the board was level on the side I was working on but I also checked to make sure that it was level to the other support, don't want the kiddos sliding off.
Good to go!
Checking for wobble again.
Seat boards screwed on and I am finished (except the staining part)!!  I can't wait to go pick the girls up so they can see!  I think we are going to attempt dying Easter eggs tonight.  In case we don't survive have a wonderful weekend and a very happy Easter!


Kelsey said...

ooh my goodness! You did such a FANTASTIC job. What a fun place to get to work in too! I love love love it!

Nikki@ Cheap Like a Birdie said...

WOW, tools and Pepsi! I bet the kids are going to love it.

Rockin Momma said...

I'm a new Saturday Follower! Visit me at and sign up for my newest giveaway!

Katie said...

Great job! Your girls will LOVE it! My sister and I had one when we were little, and last summer I painted it for my little guy. He loves to sit there in the summer. :)

Jennifer said...

wow! You did a GREAT job! I'm totally impressed!

pink and green mama said...

If I built that table it would look like a kindergartener did it -- yours looks FANTASTIC!! way to go -- also totally drooling over your uncle's "shop" I love his cubby system for his tools -- now I want to do the same thing in our garage : )

One Life Many Journeys said...

I want your Uncle to adopt me...please.....oh sorry....the table is fab. Ana is the freatest for sharing her genius!

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