Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dishing It! Father's Day

Amanda at Serenity Now  is hosting another Dishing It! Party!  Amanda's parties are so much fun, it's so much fun to get to know our fellow bloggers a little bit better!

The theme of this party is Dad's, after all Father's Day is right around the corner!! 

This is my Dad with Kielyn when she was 1 day old!

~What's the best thing about your dad?
There are so many wonderful things about my Dad it's hard to pick a place to start!  My Dad made huge sacrifices for our family, he worked 2 jobs so my Mom could stay home with us (Thanks Dad)!  He is an amazing man who will drop everything to come help me whenever I need it.  He is generous with his time and is an amazing construction/landscaping/fence building/car fixing/in a pinch baby-sitter kind of guy.

When we built our house 5 years ago, my Dad was in a serious motorcycle accident, he was flight-for-lifed to the nearest hospital.  He had broken his leg and the bone had come through the skin, so they fixed him up with a suitcase handle looking appliance that stuck out of his leg (sorry for the images)!  During this time I spent a lot of time with my Dad, taking care of him and taking him to Dr.'s appointments.  I am very thankful for the accident, I'm not glad that he was injured, but I am glad that as a result we spent a lot of time together and grew closer.

And before I got pregnant and had babies and while my Dad was recuperating from his motorcycle wreck, he let me use his Harley!  Yes, I used to be a biker chic and rode my own bike!

~What's something you enjoyed doing with your dad when you were a child?
My Dad built fences as his second job....basically whenever he wasn't at the power plant he was building fence.  I used to love going with him to bid jobs, he let me help hold the tape measure!  During summer vacation he would let us work for him building fence, basically what that meant was we went to the job with him tried to help, got hot, got bored and wanted to go home, but he he let us keep coming back

 He used to let me "shift" the truck into gear when we were out and about(he also taught me how to drive a standard later on).  He would take my sisters, brother and me fishing and water skiing during the summers.

~My Husband
My poor husband lives in estrogen central!  The only man in the house is the dog and I think the girls and I turned him into a girl too!  He is a sucker for the girls. A couple of weeks ago I headed to WalMart after the girls went to bed at 8:30.  I got a text message from him at 10 asking where I was and I said piddling at WalMart and asked if he needed something.  His response was "hurry up because Kie got out of bed and I told her she could stay up until you got back."  They have him figured out!

Happy Early Father's Day to my Dad and Husband!



Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Kenzie, that last photo of your hubs and the girls is TOO cute!! :) Love the Wal-Mart story. :)

Reading about your dad's sacrifice made me stop for a minute and think about how often my own dad (and my husband) sacrificed so that the rest of the family could be happy. :)

Thanks so much for linking up with me. Hope you have fun "mingling" at the party. :)

Melissa said...

Great stories! Your dad sounds terrific.

I like the Wal-Mart story, too. How is it that dads forget the word "No" when their children ask for something? :)

I was a biker chick, as well. Only I had a cool purple Schwinn. LOL Actually, in my younger days I wished I had a motorcycle, but I couldn't afford the one I liked.

Leslie said...

Look at you rockin' out all biker-chick! Love it! I hear you about dad's forgetting the word "no"... only I think it's reversed when you have boys. I am the one who sometimes forgets the word "no"!

Lynette said...

Daddy's girls are the best =)

Your dad sounds like a great man.

Nancy said...

Both your dad and your husband sound like great men. You and the girls are so lucky!


Sara said...

Hey Kenzie! Such wonderful words about your dad... It is also nice to hear that my "lil' bro" has a sensitive side that he has no problem showing! Sending prayers, hugs and kisses your way....

Coree said...

Ok.... I've never noticed it before.... but with these two pictures Dad and Ben look exactly alike! Dahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Love the Decor! said...

My poor hubby is out numbered to. Eve nt he dog is female!!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Kenzie, your dad sounds like a wonderful man, and frankly, a little like my dad. Mr. Handy and good at everything. We rode motorcycles too. My dad used to race dirt bikes - motorcross or whatever it's called.

Your Hubby sounds great too!! Something about dads and their little girls!

1 Funky Woman said...

Wow, sorry about the accident with your dad! I know exactly what you mean though. It took the accident to get closer. My mom died and my dad and I are closer because of it!

Check out my blog, I'm dishing it with Amanda also!

I love that your hubby caved and let her stay up! My daughter knows how to work her daddy too!

Pauline said...

This will be my first Fathers day without my dad. I know what you mean about how you are thankful for your dad's accident. When my dad got diagnosed with bone cancer I had the most memorable time with him. It is sad that it had to be during this time. But I will never forget that time.

CourtneyKeb said...

Holding the tape measure is a big job, you know! ;)
So sweet, Happy Father's Day to the daddys in your life!

Southern Fried Gal said...

Crazy how it takes something big to help us grow closer in our relationships. Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship. Funny story about your husband - kids really know how to work it, don't they? Happy Dishing It!

Sarah Cook said...

Your dad seems so sweet! My dad rode motorcycles and I actually got my permit once, but he stopped riding before I got a chance for lessons. Some of my favorite memories with him are riding.

Sarah said...

Awwww... that WalMart story is too precious! I loved your pictures too!

Mom_Rhonda said...

Coree's right!! LOL!!

sanjeet said...

Great stories! Your dad sounds terrific.
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Melissa said...

What a gorgeous tribute to your Dad...very moving...and your husband's dilemma!! :Ha!!

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