Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fradulent Coupon

One of my nice readers told me my coupon I posted earlier is fradulent.  :(  I removed the coupon.  Here is the link to the site  The only reason I posted the coupon earlier is because I actually used it at the store and it worked.  I had no idea this was fraudulent.  This came off the Frito-Lay website:

Real vs. Counterfeit Free Doritos Coupon

A counterfeit coupon for a free bag of Doritos chips up to $5 is still circulating, primarily through e-mail. It was not created, authorized or distributed by Frito-Lay. We have notified retailer customers of this fraud and are working with authorities to identify the source of the fraudulent coupon. You should not knowingly use a counterfeit coupon. We sincerely apologize for the disappointment and confusion this has caused. Please watch for valid coupons and sales in stores, magazines, Sunday newspaper ads, and on our credible websites. The image below shows the difference between a Real Free bag of Doritos coupon and Counterfeit Free bag of Doritos coupon.

I guess I am safe because I didn't know about it before.  I am sorry for the bad coupon.  Boo!  

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm Thinking

I'm thinking it's about time for another giveaway.  I am thinking a gift card to Target or maybe I could make something??  What do you guys think?  What would you like?  I am getting close to 150 followers....and we might need to celebrate!  Let me know what you are interested in!
Happy 9 o'clock Dance of Joy!

Monday, June 28, 2010

4th of July Decor....Finally

I finally found the time quit being so lazy to make 4th of July signs for my front step post things, click here and here to see them in the making!

I used a 1x4 for the following project.  I cut a piece 11" long, another piece 4" long and the last piece 7" long.  I set the 4" piece aside and cut the other 2 pieces into thirds.

I didn't really have to cut the boards into thirds, but it made it so much easier to paint the stripes, I didn't have to tape anything off!

After I gave my paint approximately 3 minutes and 48 seconds to dry, I glued it back together using wood glue.  After letting the wood glue sit for approximately 4 minutes, I took it out to the garage and sanded and glazed it.  I kind of wanted it to look dirty and old.

Dirty and old?  Check!  Next I cut a few stars out of vinyl to finish my flag!  The little wood block is supposed to be a firework, I was running out of time before the girls woke up from their nap, but at least it passes the red, white and blue test!

At least my front step is ready for the 4th of July!


My button is being featured at Twelve Crafts Till Christmas today!


I am so excited!  Elizabeth is an amazing crafter and a great blog friend!  Her blog is so cute, it is dedicated to creating 1 craft a month over a 12 month period for Christmas gifts.  She has made some of the cutest things!
So go check me out here!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Umm....Are you serious?

I was planning on showing you the new signs I made for my front step post things today, but I had to show you this instead.

So are you wondering what that is?  That is lint that has accumulated in my dryer for the past 3 years.  Disgusting!  This afternoon my dryer started squealing and I figured a belt or bearing was going out.  So my wonderful brother came over tonight and took my dryer apart and this is what we found.  2 Large kitchen size trash cans and 2 Dyson canisters worth.  YUCK!

Luckily he thinks it is a belt tension pulley thing, I took a picture so I can order the part tomorrow.  He temporarily fixed it with a paper clip and WD-40, hopefully it will last until the part comes in.

But I did find something kind of cool in nasty Lintville.

 2 perfect little lint balls!

**After reading the dryer manual, it says you are supposed to take apart the dryer and clean the lint out every 2 years or sooner depending on how often you use it!  I was only 1 year or 3 pounds of lint late!**

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Personalized Gifts

I had the honor of attending a great friends baby shower today!  And of course I waited until the last minute to make a gift....I started it last night!  I love to receive personalized hand made gifts, it always makes me feel special, so I try to always make something for special occasions.  I decided to make a monogrammed frame, a name block, and I attempted a pillow that turned out ok.

K is for Khloe, isn't that the sweetest name!  I started with a red frame from the dollar store and spray painted it Heirloom White.
I almost remembered to take a picture before I started glazing it with my Ralph Lauren "Smoke" glaze.
Here it is finished  I used my Cricut to cut the K out of pink vinyl and applied it directly to the glass.  I used a staple gun to attach ribbon to the back of the frame to hang it with.
I love name blocks, I think they are adorable.  I used 2x2's and cut them down to the size I wanted.  I painted them with craft paint (I literally finished this 5 minutes before I left) and glazed them.  I applied the paper with spray adhesive and sanded the edges.  I cut her name out of pink vinyl and applied it directly to the wood.
 Here is my pillow attempt.  I used muslin and some cute white eyelet trim.  I used heat and bond to "sew" my pillow, I think it would have been so much faster to use a sewing machine but didn't want to drag myself over to my Gramma's to borrow hers....lesson learned.  I cut the crown out with my Cricut and the Home Decor cart and used craft paint and a dauber thing to paint it.  Not bad for 30 minutes!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 

Featured at bobbypins boardwalk
Tatertots and Jello

Friday, June 25, 2010

Brookstone Discount Code

I love to shop!  And I love to shop online even more!  What is better than sitting on the couch, watching tv in your pajamas and shopping?  Not a whole lot!  For the past 2 years I have done 90% of my Christmas shopping online.  Why fight the crowds when you can find better deals online and almost everyone offers free shipping!

I have a little bit of exciting new is offering us a $10 dollar discount off of any $70 purchase you make online. is an amazing site with tons of really neat things!

Last week was Father's day and I made my husband mow the lawn and spray down the front of the house on "his" day.  So I might be feeling a little bit guilty!  But don't worry I found some really neat gifts for Dad!
A nice hammock to relax in, a really nice set of BBQ tools because ours always get lost and a Blue Ray DVD Player!

And of course I had to look for myself!  I always complain at the beginning of summer that we really should have gotten a cover for the grill and the patio furniture because I hate scrubbing everything after sitting outside for the winter, so I found outdoor furniture covers!

An umbrella cover (I didn't even know they made these!), a chaise lounge cover and a grill cover!

So make sure you checkout and enter promo code 22SAVE at checkout to receive $10 off any online purchase of $70 or more!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ta Da!!!

 So....notice anything different?
I got a new blog design! And I am in love!!! The amazing Lauren from Designer Blogs is the mastermind behind this creation! She is a dream to work with!

I even got a button! I ♥ it!

And their prices are so reasonable! You can get a custom blog design starting at only $30 dollars! And if you place an order with them in the month of June you will receive a 15% discount!
If you are thinking about a new blog design I highly recommend Designer Blogs! Looking for a button, etsy banner or twitter background? They can do that too! Stop by and check out their site!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Yay Yay Yay!

So I had a crazy Monday!  I came into work this morning after a week in training to find my desk covered in boxes and about 15 tickets that needed to be taken care of :(  I spent the morning installing phones and the afternoon running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  But you know what made today better?  Stephanie Lynn at Under The Table and Dreaming featured my bridal shower cake!  Yay for me!!


How was your Monday?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Concrete Paver Planters

I finally finished a project and I have only been working on it for a month!  While my husband was gone last month I saw this amazing tutorial from Stephanie Lynn at Under the Table and Dreaming.  So I built and painted my planters and then they sat in the garage for about a month because they are HEAVY!  I finally talked my husband into moving them to the backyard for me yesterday.  Today I made a quick trip to Home Depot and bought some perennials (I am hoping they will come back next year) and finally finished my project!  The pavers were around $1.50 a piece x 10 pavers = $15.00 and the plants were $30.  So hopefully I will have plants that come back every year!

Waiting for flowers....and I really need to power wash the patio!
I love the way they turned out!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Day on the Lake

What is the best thing to do in 100 degree weather?  Go to the lake!!!  My husband and I spent the afternoon on the lake with our good friends Nate and Jen.  They have a friend who was nice enough to take us out on the boat!  It was a gorgeous afternoon, we did a little wake boarding, swimming and enjoying the sun.

 What's better than this?
Done wake boarding and my hair is still dry....SCORE!!
Enjoying our time together!

I am excited for Father's Day tomorrow, nothing big going on but steak and potatoes for lunch, it doesn't get much better than that!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

1 More Day!

My mini vacation/training is almost over.  Tonight is my last night in Denver and I can't wait to go home, I'm exhausted!  I got to spend Sunday night with my Mom, Monday night with my Cousin, Tuesday night with my Sister, Wednesday night with my Mom and tonight with my Mom and Sister!  It has been so nice to spend quality time with them, but I miss my husband and girls!

Kielyn called me last night and she was sad that I wasn't home.  I spent 20 minutes on the phone with her singing songs and telling stories about ponies, barbies, dogs and flowers!  By the end of the 20 minutes she was happy again.  It breaks my heart that I wasn't there to give her a hug and kiss :(

I can't wait to pick them up tomorrow afternoon and spend the weekend with them!  I need to get motivated and start some new projects, I took a break but I have the project itch back!  Hopefully I can get something done!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Week Off

A Mommy vacation!?!?  I am out of town this week for work.  5 days with no kids :(  This is the longest I will have been away from my girls and hubby.  In the past 3 years, I have been out of town 3 nights for work.

But not to worry, I have plenty to do to keep me busy.  Last night I went and had dinner with my Mom and I spent tonight with my favorite cousin!  She is my oldest and best friend, I have known her since the day I was born!  Growing up we always said we would marry brothers, live next door to each other and have a ton of kids!  Well we didn't marry brothers and we don't live next door and we don't have a ton of kids!  But I enjoy the time we get to spend together, which is not enough!

So tonight she picked me up at my hotel and we went down town for dinner.  It was so nice to get to visit with her!  We talked and laughed for hours!  The rest of the week will be filled with my Mom, sister and cousin and I can't wait!  I miss my husband and the girls, but so far this has been a very relaxing break!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Somethings Just Shouldn't Be Mentioned

Yesterday I linked up to Amanda's Dishing It Party!  I included a picture of my Dad and my husband in my post.

Would you like to see what my Dear Sister said???

Coree said...
Ok.... I've never noticed it before.... but with these two pictures Dad and Ben look exactly alike! Dahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

And then my Mom had to chime in.....

Mom_Rhonda said...
Coree's right!! LOL!!

And then I told my husband about the comments last night and showed him the pictures and he laughed and said "You know at our wedding people who didn't know your Dad thought he was my Dad."

I am mortified because you know what I think about everytime I look at my husand now?  My Dad!

So thank you Sister, Mom and Hubby for the images permanently burned into my brain!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dishing It! Father's Day

Amanda at Serenity Now  is hosting another Dishing It! Party!  Amanda's parties are so much fun, it's so much fun to get to know our fellow bloggers a little bit better!

The theme of this party is Dad's, after all Father's Day is right around the corner!! 

This is my Dad with Kielyn when she was 1 day old!

~What's the best thing about your dad?
There are so many wonderful things about my Dad it's hard to pick a place to start!  My Dad made huge sacrifices for our family, he worked 2 jobs so my Mom could stay home with us (Thanks Dad)!  He is an amazing man who will drop everything to come help me whenever I need it.  He is generous with his time and is an amazing construction/landscaping/fence building/car fixing/in a pinch baby-sitter kind of guy.

When we built our house 5 years ago, my Dad was in a serious motorcycle accident, he was flight-for-lifed to the nearest hospital.  He had broken his leg and the bone had come through the skin, so they fixed him up with a suitcase handle looking appliance that stuck out of his leg (sorry for the images)!  During this time I spent a lot of time with my Dad, taking care of him and taking him to Dr.'s appointments.  I am very thankful for the accident, I'm not glad that he was injured, but I am glad that as a result we spent a lot of time together and grew closer.

And before I got pregnant and had babies and while my Dad was recuperating from his motorcycle wreck, he let me use his Harley!  Yes, I used to be a biker chic and rode my own bike!

~What's something you enjoyed doing with your dad when you were a child?
My Dad built fences as his second job....basically whenever he wasn't at the power plant he was building fence.  I used to love going with him to bid jobs, he let me help hold the tape measure!  During summer vacation he would let us work for him building fence, basically what that meant was we went to the job with him tried to help, got hot, got bored and wanted to go home, but he he let us keep coming back

 He used to let me "shift" the truck into gear when we were out and about(he also taught me how to drive a standard later on).  He would take my sisters, brother and me fishing and water skiing during the summers.

~My Husband
My poor husband lives in estrogen central!  The only man in the house is the dog and I think the girls and I turned him into a girl too!  He is a sucker for the girls. A couple of weeks ago I headed to WalMart after the girls went to bed at 8:30.  I got a text message from him at 10 asking where I was and I said piddling at WalMart and asked if he needed something.  His response was "hurry up because Kie got out of bed and I told her she could stay up until you got back."  They have him figured out!

Happy Early Father's Day to my Dad and Husband!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Decoration Balls!

I have seen all sorts of decoration balls, you know the pretty ones that serve no purpose other than to sit there and be pretty, all over blog land!  I decided to make some of my own, so I headed to WalMart and picked up a couple of bags of balls ha ha ha ha, sorry it made me laugh :).  I decided to make a pinto bean ball, a jute/twine ball, a hemp ball and a ribbon ball.  After I had them all made they were missing something so I went in search of items to make another one.  I started to make one with buttons but after 30 minutes of cutting straight pins I got bored and found thumbtacks! 
I glued on about a million pinto beans and then sprayed the it with my trusty ORB spray paint!  With the jute ball I started at one end and just kept wrapping and hot gluing trying to keep the jute as close together as possible with as few burns as possible!

  The smaller hemp ball was a pain, I had to wrap it like I wrapped the jute ball and then I just randomly wrapped it to get the messy look!
I think the thumb tack balls might be my favorite!  I just pushed thumbtacks into the ball, hot gluing the top pins in so they wouldn't fall out.
  For the ribbon ball I took some 3/8" satin ribbon and wrapped in an X pattern pushing straight pins through as I went.  After I was done I used more pins to create a line all the way around.
 Here they sit in the amazing apothecary jars I got for my birthday! 
Now I just need to figure out what to put in the other 2.....any ideas?

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