Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Little Birthday Fun!

I have a 4 year old!  She was so cute on Saturday when we had her birthday party, she woke up and said "Mommy, am I 4 today?"  And I said "no, not until tomorrow."  Her response "But it's my party day!!!"

I then had to explain that yes it was her party day but she didn't really turn 4 until Sunday.  So on Sunday when she woke up she said " I 4 today?"  And she was so excited that she was finally 4!!!

I am really hoping that someone else had a camera because I hardly took any pictures :(

Here are a few of the girls enjoying their new sidewalk paint.

I don't think they got the idea of "sidewalk" paint.


Sarah said...

That sidewalk paint looks like fun! (Hope it all washed out easily enough) Your girls are so adorable :)

Mom_Rhonda said...

Max is lovely in color! lol! The party was wonderful and we all had a great time! <3

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