Monday, March 21, 2011

March is almost Over ?!?!

It's March 21!  I can't believe 6 days I am going to have a 4 year old!  Yikes, I can't believe it!  It's not that I am opposed to having a 4 year old but the fact of the matter is that I am in no way shape or form ready for her birthday party.  You won't believe what I did.

I invited everyone via Facebook!  Gasp!!  Horror!  :(
I am one unmotivated Mommy.  Normally I start planning/crafting birthdays a month or two in advance.  I don't have a theme, I don't have presents, I don't have anything.  I actually thought about buying store-made cupcakes.

Don't worry I don't think I'm sick, just overwhelmed with everything else right now.  And I know that no one would probably even notice that I didn't plan for months or stay up late every night for a month making decorations.  And I definitely know that my little Kie-bug could care less if I made anything or if I bought it at the store, she will love whatever I do.
I will be doing a mad shopping run/birthday planning/present buying trip on Thursday and whatever I get will be good enough!  And by the way I blame this obsessive compulsive disorder on my Mom, I learned it from her.  She always tells me "Don't worry, no one will even know."  So Mom I am completely blaming my OCD on you!

Have a great night!


Coree said...

I would blame it on Mom too!!! That lady gave us the best birthday's ever! I feel like no matter what I do it's never as good as what she did!!!

(And Mom- this is the good kind of blaming... not like how I blame you for my lack of a butt!!! :) )

Sarah said...

You are totally right when you said that she will love whatever you do! No sweat!! :)

Mom_Rhonda said...

I still blame the buttlessness on my dad! So glad you have good memories of your birthdays! And Kenz, there were plenty of times that I put everything together at the last minutes but you didn't care OR notice! lol! Funny, I don't feel like anything I ever did was 1/2 as good as anything my Mom ever did so I guess it's inevitable! Kie will love everything you do, I guarantee it!

LaKeta said...

Hi Kenzie!

Just wanted to let you know that I awarded you the stylish blogger award because I enjoy your blog so much!!!

Check it out @

LaKeta :)

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