Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Friday Eve!!

Happy Friday Eve!!!

I am so excited that it is Thursday night because that means my husband will be home for 1 week after being gone for a month!  We can't wait to see him.
I am ready for him to be home for a few days so maybe I can have some help with the girls!  They have run me ragged!  Taylor is almost 2 and has started throwing major temper tantrums.  The throw myself on the ground, kick, cry, scream, take a 30 second break to check out what's on TV and starts over....hello Tantrum Two's!  And Kie just misses her Dad, she knew he was leaving, but how do you explain to a 3 year old how long a month is?  I tried to show her on the calendar and told her every night we could mark a day off and when she got to the red circle (I marked the day he would be home) that her Daddy would be here.  She thought it was really cool to color on the calendar so that was a fail!  18 more hours and he should be here!

I hope everyone has an amazing Friday and a great weekend! 

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Jenglamgirl said...

yahoo WAHOO YAHOO wahoo~ GIRL I can only imagine your excitement.. P.S. you need someone to get the girls from you once they get loves from dad... so you can get some loves from the dad.... HE HE HE! Excited for you, Night! Jenn

Melissa said...

Yeah for you guys!!

Mrs. Fine said...

Oohh, I'm glad you posted...I was thinking of you and your busy this morning as I was doing some stain removal! Have a wonderful family time!! :-)

Marty said...

Yay!! Enjoy your week with hubby=))

Sarah said...

Happy reuniting with your hubby! And I hope Taylor graduates from the terrible twos soon :)

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