Friday, August 6, 2010

It's A Start

6 months ago we had the living room, dining room and kitchen painted.  I never hung anything back up on the walls.  Why?  I have a weird thing about nail holes.  I am always worried that I will hang something up, not like where it is and have to fix the hole that I made.

Crazy?  I know!
Well tonight I started hanging things!  And you know what?  I don't think I'm in love with the placement of what I hung up :(

I started with this, cute but I wasn't thrilled. 

 These were all fantastic finds!  The black frame was an ugly gold thing I got at a garage sale for $1, the turquoise frame was a hideous maroon monster that I found at the Dollar Tree and the silver guy used to be ugly brown, I found it at GoodWill for $3.  Thank goodness for spray paint!  After I hung everything up it seemed a little blah, so I got out my Cricut!

Upgrade!  Doesn't it look happier?
Spray painted silver and glazed with black craft paint.
I painted this with Krylon Bahama Sea and then glazed it with Ralph Lauren smoke glaze mixed with a little black craft paint.  I added white burlap behind the glass and cut the vinyl using the Storybook Cartridge.

I love the way this monogram turned out!  I had seen this fabric at Hobby Lobby but was to cheap to buy it full price or even with a coupon, but I found a remnant for $2 and couldn't say no!  I used the Storybook and Calligraphy Cartridge for this one.

What do you guys think?  Does it need to be rearranged or should I leave it alone?  I am a tweaker I can't help myself, but I will practice self control for the night...I think!

Don't forget to enter the $50 CSN giveaway, it ends tomorrow!

Happy 9 o'clock Dance of Joy!


Beth Eaton said...

I think the vinyl make it complete! Cute re-do of everything! If you want to add something I woudl maybe move the "H" print up in line with the silver thingy and then put a shelf under. Maybe?!? I don't know where it's at and if a shelf would work but it's a suggestion.

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

I love the cute changes you did with it. Looks more complete now. Don't we just love our vinyl :)

Meghan said...

Looks great!

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

Don't feel bad . . . six months isn't the long! I still have things leaning against the wall on the floor in the spot that I would hang them if I had the courage to make a nail hole in the wall . . . and we moved in almost seven years ago. Now that's bad! :)

Melissa said...

I think they look nice. A little lonely perhaps but they look good together.

Sarah said...

I think it turned out great -- don't move anything! I especially love the monogrammed "H" and am convinced that the Cricut can solve all the world's problems!! :)

Marty said...

Oh I love it, especially the monogram=) Gotta love thrifty prices too girl!!
I found you through craftomaniac, glad I did.

Your newest follower=)

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