Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dishing It Party @ Serenity Now

It's time for another Dishing It! Party with Amanda at Serenity Now!


~What's the best thing about your mom?
The best thing about my mom is that she is my mom!  My mom is an amazing woman!!  She sacrificed so much for us when we were little and took the time to make all of us feel special, with notes in our lunch box, home made Halloween costumes and Christmas presents, perfect Birthday parties and finding the perfect prom dresses!  Now she is my voice of reason and my soft place to land!

~If your mom isn't around, do you have a family member or mentor who can stand in for her?
Not really, my Gramma is always there to listen, but she just isn't Mom.  I still want my mom around when I am sick!  No one can replace her.

~What's your relationship with your mom like (do you just tolerate each other, or is she your best confidant)?
She is my best confidant!  She is always there to listen to me whine and give sound advice!

~If there is one quality about your mom that you could emulate, what would it be?
Her love for her children!

~What's the best advice your mom has ever given you?
Don't worry about what others think or if they will be mad.  You are an adult and can make decisions for yourself!  But don't make them based on others opinions.

~Describe the most embarrassing outfit your mom made you wear when you were growing up. (If you have a photo of this, I will give you ten bonus points!)
I don't really remember her making me wear anything that was too horrible.  But looking back now I wish she would have not let me leave the house decked out in my New Kids on the Block gear.......nightmares!

~If you're a mom, what's your favorite thing about motherhood? What's the most difficult?
My favorite thing about being a Mom is everything!  I could go on for hours about how my girls have changed my life and how amazing they are!  To watch them grow from newborns into toddlers has been amazing!  I used to be able to watch them sleep for hours, staring at their perfect little faces!  The first time they found their hands and feet, their first smile first giggle, first everything!  Now I could watch Kie and Tay play together all day long.  There is nothing better than listening to them giggle together and hold hands as they run across the back yard!
The most difficult thing about being a mom if 2 girls is the drama and attitude in our house!  Who knew little girls were such drama queens!  And the 9 o'clock Dance of Joy! has turned into the 10 o'clock if you don't stay in bed I will turn your big girl bed back into a crib!
Happy Mother's Day!!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Ooo---New Kids on the Block??? ;) I loved them! Your mom sounds like a wonderful lady. I am loving reading all of these posts. :) Thanks so much for linking up to my party. Have fun "mingling." :)

Mama E said...

Hi! Stopping by from the Dishing it party. I just love hearing the advice of other mothers. Thank you for sharing!
-Mama E

Love the Decor! said...

ohh your girls are adorable! Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Mothers Day!

Love the Decor! said...

ohh your girls are adorable! Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Mothers Day!

Southern Fried Gal said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful mom! I love her advice - it took me a long time to learn that lesson. Have a blessed Mother's Day!

Lisa said...

I really like the advice your mom gave too. Your girls are cute.

Paula said...

Your mom seems like a great role model. I'll bet that your girls will write nice things about your parenting one of these days.

Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am not super close to my mother, so it was lovely to read about yours!!!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Cute girls - they make motherhood all the better, huh.

Erin said...

Your relationship with your mom sounds a lot like mine. Your little girls are dolls. I can't wait until my youngest is old enough to play with his brother more. Thanks for dishing it!

Kristin said...

Love it! I too was a huge NKOTB fan - and love that your blog is the "9 oclock dance of joy" - too funny! We do that too...except, um...we make our girls go to bed at 7!!! Your girls are adorable...happy mother's day to you!!

Richella said...

Stopping by from Amanda's party. It was such fun to read about your mom! She must be a special lady. How cool that you now have girls of your own--your daughters are beautiful! And what a great example you have of how to be a mother to them! :)

FrouFrouBritches said...

I'm cracking up about the NKOTB outfit. Too funny!
What great advice from your mom. I couldn't agree more!!

Jennifer @ A Fine Romance said...

Your girls are GORGEOUS! I love their precious little faces...I'm telling you what, they may be dramatic now but just wait until they grow up...I have a sister and she is one of my very best friends...there is nothing like it! Don't know what I'd do without mine. :) I have to say that it was pretty hairy at times growing up though...we were as different as night and day! lol Love your blog! Your invites for your friends shower are so great! I love the twisted wire. :) Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for stopping by my blog...it's great to "meet you"! :)

Tee said...

Hey Kenzie,

My favorite is the part about notes in the lunchbox. Wish I had done more of that when my boys were smaller. Your mom is beautiful!

p.s. You better not be making those gorgeous girls wear granny shoes. I've got my eye on you!

aware said...

I'm stopping by from the Dishing It party. Thank you for your comment on my blog post! Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman. It sounds like you have definitely inherited her quality of love for her children :) Your girls are adorable!

Mom_Rhonda said...

You're a wonderful mother and I hope that when your girls grow up they are as good to you as you are to your mom. :) Thank you for being you. I love you so!

Dawn said...

Great advice she gave you!

You both are just beautiful. I enjoyed reading about your mom.

I have two girls as well. I know ALL about the drama! ha!

Happy Mother's Day!

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