Thursday, May 13, 2010

Had a Bad Day Again....

She said I would not understand
She left a note that said "I'm sorry, I had a bad day again."
She spilled her coffee, broke her shoelace.
Smeared the lipstick on her face.
Slammed the door and said "I'm sorry, I had a bad day again."

The lyrics to one of my favorite songs, Bad Day by Fuel.  I can so relate to this song and today it fits my day perfectly.  So I suppose you are officially invited to my pity party but I kind of need to vent and writing seems to help lately.

So I got up this morning and was getting ready for work when my pager went off, needless to say I headed to work at 6:30.  Between people being on vacation and out of the office I was the only one at work today, again.  I don't mind working, I like my job but when I am by myself I am talking on the phone, responding to emails, and instant messaging at the same time for 8 hours straight.  Even when I come home for lunch I am on my cell for the majority of it.  I am burnt out.

I left work this afternoon to go get the girls, get to daycare, turn off the car, walk in and I am greeted by Kielyn who has a huge wad of gum stuck in her hair.  OK, nothing a little WD-40 can't fix.  Pack the diaper bag, put shoes and jackets on and herd my kids to the door.  Walk to the car, buckle them in, pick up the dropped sippy cup, find the blanket hiding in the bottom of the diaper bag and start the car.  Hmmm that's funny it didn't start.  Try again.  Nothing.  One more time?  Nada.

Call my husband, no answer.  Call my Dad, no answer.  My daycare lady's husband came out to check the fuses and everything is fine.  Try to start Talullah (yes, I name my cars) and she won't start :(  Next I call my Gramma to come pick us up.  While we are sitting there waiting for her I decided to try 1 more time....she starts!  Yes!!!

Get home, back into the driveway (just in case she won't start again and we have to call a tow truck), break out the WD-40 and spend the next 15 minutes picking gum out of Kie's hair.  Fold a load of laundry, put the wet laundry in the dryer, start another load of laundry.  Start dinner, eat dinner, put the girls in the bath, clean up the dinner mess, try to watch Grey's Anatomy but am busy getting milk, putting pj's on, find the missing blanket, brush teeth, go to bed and say prayers.

And my husband is leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks.  I wasn't a very patient mommy tonight and I hate that.  So I pray tonight for patience, and I hope everyone has an amazing night!  I am looking forward to craft time for the next 2 weeks, I can stay up as late as I want and don't have to feel guilty for ignoring my husband!  Now I just need some ideas!


Coree said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day Sister!!! And even if you weren't a very patient Mom, you're still the best Mom those little girls could ask for!!!!

Love you!!!

Love the Decor! said...

hang in there sweetie! Today is a new day! Praying it will be brighter

Mom_Rhonda said...

Your day sounds awful! I'm sending you hugs :) and all my love. Glad you got the gum out of Kie's pretty hair. You can only do what you can do so don't be too hard on yourself and take care of you too!

Erin said...

I just found your blog from a link party...I think??? I got side tracked several times. lol.

I am adding you to my your projects and your sense of humor. If I ever updated my blog it would sound really similar, except 2 boys!

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