Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Little Sunshine!

Who doesn't love a blog award?  They make my day!  So imagine how much better my day got when Kelsey from Tattered and Inked gave me this award!

I have been following Kelsey's blog for sometime now and it is crazy how much we think alike.  Like the other day when I went home at lunch and whipped up my Keep Calm and Carry On frame, she had made her own version that very same day!  Crazy, huh?  So the best part about this is that I get to pass this on to 5 people and hopefully make their day a little bit brighter!

So here are my 5 "great" blogging friends!

Sarah @ Confessions of an Untenured Teacher - I just recently found Sarah's blog, but almost every time I read it I get a good laugh! But the compassion she has for her students is amazing! I hope when the girls are in school they have someone like her for a teacher!

Amanda @ Serenity Now - Amanda has an amazing blog that I stalk every day! Her thrift finds are amazing and she hosts some really fun parties!

Stephanie Lynn @ Under the Table and Dreaming - Stephanie has some of the neatest ideas! And she shares all of her secrets with her tutorials! She also hosts a fun Sunday Show Case Party!

Katie @ Impatiently Praying for Patience - I just recently came across Katie's blog and I her blog!  You have to see her tutorial for framing a contractors mirror!  And her blog title...genius!  I am one of those who thinks the problem with instant gratification is that it takes too long, so I can so relate with her title!

Amanda @ Dejavu*Crafts - The headboard benches she has been making make me smile :)  She is so creative!  I love reading her blog!

Check these girls out!  They are amazing!


Katie said...

Wow, thanks so much! I really appreciate it. I have been having a not so good day today and you just made it better. Thank you!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Thank you so much!! :) That is so sweet. Be sure to "stalk" tomorrow morning. ;) ;) ;)

Sarah said...

I'm blushing!! Thank you :)

De Javu Crafts said...

Thank you for all the sweet things you said!!!

Stephanie Lynn said...

Kenzie, Thank you so much! I am so flattered and greatly appreciate it! I've added it to my blog! Hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks again! Stephanie Lynn

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