Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dining Room Shelves

I have been a blog slacker this month!  I can't believe it's already September 26!  Where did the month go?!?!

Not a whole lot going on this past week but work and laundry.  Boo!  But I did rearrange the shelves in my dining room again and thought I would show them to you because that's all I have done lately!
Painted pumpkins and apothecary jars.
Mini monogram pumpkins and some of my favorite candlesticks!
Halloween Ribbon Wreath

The rest of my favorite candlesticks, $3 Better Homes & Garden charger from WalMart

My festive little shelves!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Jen @ said...

It's all so beautiful! I love how you put the frame around the wreath. So cute!


Green Willow Pond said...

What a cute display. My favorites are your candlesticks, the painted pumpkins and that fleur de lis...I'm a sucker for those!

Kara said...

Love the shelves and table! Those candlesticks are gorgeous! Love the wreath in the frame too...great touch. Looks awesome Kenzie!


Mrs. Fine said...

Blog slacker? You? Nah! You're just off creating the marvelous creations you show us. Have a great week! :-)

Melissa said...

It is very festive.

Ashley Allen said...

Blog slacker?! I think I would get that award! I haven't blogged since June! haha!! I got too busy (lazy) this summer and decided to wait until this fall. Maybe I will decide this week and add an entry. Love your decor!! Especially pumpkins. I might need to copy. ;)

In this wonderful life... said...

loving all your fall goodies! so cute!

Jami said...

Well, it might be all you have done, but at least you did it well! It looks great!

N @ Cheap Like a Birdie said...

So so cute!

Jennifer said...

I love how your shelves look and I am really loving that halloween ribbon wreath! Might have to study that one some more and try it.
Oh and thanks for stopping b y and checking out my fall mantel :)

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