Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Very Own Window

I am so excited that my old window is finally hanging on the wall!

I apologize in advance, the one day I finally remember to take pictures during the day instead of at night and it's cloud, overcast and cold.  :(

I am kind of infatuated with it!  I didn't do a whole lot to it, I sanded it down and painted it with white craft paint, sanded some more and then  wiped it down with some black stain that I had in the garage!

And the best part is that I now how more room to decorate because the disgusting fish tank is gone!  Here is a before.  Blah!
Goodbye fish tank, hello window!  Now I have an excuse to go to Hobby Lobby and buy more stuff to decorate with!  I found an old trunk at the thrift store yesterday, I'm not sure where I am going to put it yet.

It's old and beat up, but all of the leather handles are attached, the two buckles work and even the 2 leather straps inside are still there!  I think the main reason I really liked this one was the tag!

The Denver Union Terminal Railway Company
 I'm not sure how old it is, but it looks old and I liked it!  And I couldn't beat the price, it was only $10!


Melissa said...

Ten dollars is a great price. Your window looks great.

Whit said...

Love the window!!

Sara said...

Great deals!! I love it!!! The suit case is awesome as well! I keep looking for items like that but not willing to pay the prices...

Swainston Vinyl & Dezign said...

That's ironic! A friend of mine gave me 3 old windows they had laying around their shop. The glass is broken out of a few panes in each one. I'm not sure it can be replaced. Anywho, I just got one sanded and was going to paint it black and leave one of them white. And of course hang a wreath like everyone else (on the white one at least). Not sure what I'll do with the black one yet....COOL! Good job!

Sarah said...

I love the trunk, and the window!! So creative. And definitely better than the fish tank :)

Kara said...

Love the way the window turned out!!! So jealous ;)

LOVE your trunk too!!!! Great find!


Emily said...

I am so into old windows right now! What a great one. That trunk is fabulous, I was drooling. Thanks for sharing, your blog is so fun!
Kisses from the WhipperChicks!

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