Saturday, July 3, 2010


My wonderful husband introduced me to the UFC 8 years ago.  There is nothing better than watching 2 guys beat the crap out of each other!  We had the fight at our house tonight.  I am slightly sad that Shane Carwin lost to Brock Lesnar.......booo!!!  Carwin won the first round, but unfortunately used 98% of his energy in that round.  He had to tap out at the beginning of the second round.  Even though he lost we had a fun night!  Some great fights on the card tonight and some amazing submissions!

MMA is addicting!  I can't get enough of it!  My husband quit fighting after I got pregnant with Taylor.  There was nothing more exciting than watching him fight!  He was amazing!
Headed to the ring!

With his trainer Brad.

First round WIN!!!  Tap out!  Armbar!!
Did I mention I MMA?

And I have something exciting to show you tomorrow or Monday, we got a new toy!!  Happy 4th of July eve!


Amy Snell said...

Nice!! My Hubby is actually still watching the fight over at his friends house :) For our one year wedding anniversery we headed to Vegas and saw a UFC fight live...Chuck Liddell (my fav, I think he's hot :D} and Randy Couture...I love seeing two men beat the crap out of each other...

oliveoyl64 said...

They think I am crazy when I ask for UFC to be played on the t.v. at the bowling alley. Girls don't watch fights?

Carwin is part of my bff's family by marriage. His brother-in-law married my bff's daughter and was at the wedding. People didn't know this going in and when he was discovered, he was so cool about not wanting to take away from the couple's day. Super nice guy and a really good positive role model for teens.

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