Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sleeping Wars

It's 11 pm and I just got Kielyn to sleep.  This the 4th night in a row that she hasn't gone to bed before 11.  They normally go to bed at 8:30, tonight they got to stay up until 9:15 because it's Saturday night after all!

Ben left last Saturday and the sleeping war started Monday night.  First she had to potty again and then she needed a drink, and then she couldn't find her ballet shoes and then she needed her princess book and then...  At least Monday and Tuesday night she was asleep by 9:15.
I am assuming that since her Daddy is gone she is having issues, but I don't think I can handle one more night of this without losing it.  Tonight she was so tired, you know the kind of tired where all they can do is cry hysterically, that she cried for 45 minutes.  At first every time she got up I told her to go back to bed, and after a while I was putting her in bed, after the crying started I was frantically racking my brain thinking "what would Super Nanny do?"  I finally sat next to her bed without looking at her and without talking to her for about 30 minutes.  Eventually she quit crying and was laying their quietly.  I got up and sat in the living room for another 20 minutes before she was asleep.

Next week we are back on a more normal routine.  Our daycare lady was on vacation last week so my cousin watched them.  I am hoping that by going back to daycare we resume our "normal" days minus daddy.  I am tired and grouchy so I am headed to bed!
Have a great Sunday!


Josh Healy said...

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Melissa said... heart goes out to you! Nothing is worse than kids who won't sleep especially when they are so desperately tired they can't function and can't go to sleep!!

Hopefully, things will improve as your schedule gets closer to normal.

Sarah said...

Ooohh... that doesn't sound like fun! Although hopefully going back to a normal routine will end the sleep wars. I love love love that you chanelled Super Nanny!! :) Love that lady....

Kristin said...

Aw, that sounds like no fun at all!! I know my girlies have a really hard time when we are out of routine - especially if daddy has to go out of town. My little one just keeps making her sad face the whole time...I hope it gets better soon!

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