Wednesday, March 17, 2010

10 Days to Birthday!

I am in the birthday countdown, a week from Saturday and I will have a 3 year old who is going on 16.  While I was kidless and husbandless this week I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and browsed for 2 hours because I didn't have anyone calling asking when I was going to be home!  I found some really cute stuff and can't wait for the party is it okay that I'm this excited?  

I needed a really cute way to display a lot of cupcakes and I didn't just want to put them on a cookie sheet and while I was in the baking aisle they had these boxes marked down half price and I had seen the charger when I walked in and inspiration struck....pretty cupcake display!
And my cute dollar store buckets I found turned into a cute flower bouquet and a cute way to display forks and spoons, not to mention that it only cost me $2 for the buckets I had everything else!
And my new obsession....jute!  It stinks but it is so cute, I love the color and the texture and this circle garland I made...FREE!  Well I borrowed stole the Jute from my gramma and I made the circles with the left over paper from the birthday banner I made.
And possibly the best find of my Hobby Lobby Trip, cupcake wrappers that match the invitations I made!
Really excited with how everything is turning out, the only thing I have left to do is make some cupcake picks and technically these will be free because it will be made out of leftover paper!

On another note the house is slowly being put back together...I am having hard time deciding what is coming back in and what is going to Good Will!  But I only have 10 days left before her party and that's when I want it to be mostly finished.....wish me luck!


Coree said...

I'm soooooo sad I don't get to be there :(

Who told me to move so far away?? Damn them!!

Mom_Rhonda said...

Ok, the cupcake papers are like a miracle find!!!

Rachelle said...

UGH! That jute does stink but I love it! :)

Everything is so pretty! :) Great job!

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