Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dollar Store Finds Part 2 and Laundry Room Love!

So I got a little lazy with the dollar store frames, I had grand plans of painting/distressing them but life got in the way and I had a few more projects to move onto so this is what I did!
Love my Cricut, the Home Decor cartridge and my dollar store find!
Letter H I had hidden away in a cabinet and a cute bud vase put away for the winter.
Made over dollar store find and the little ball (found them at Wal-Mart on clearance)!
Cute coat rack from JC Penney.  I am thinking about painting it black but I think I will wait until I get the walls painted and decide.  I also think I need a little greenery in here but our town lacks a craft store of any kind so I will have to wait for a trip to Hobby Lobby.

And tonight's project!  I have been looking for a wall shelf and matching bench for my laundry room (our house does not have a coat closet so we have issues with not having enough places to hang coats.  I found the perfect shelf and bench set from JC Penney's it was on CLEARANCE marked down from $628 to $249!  Yeah for a bargain!  So I anxiously awaited their arrival only to discover they sent the bench in off-white :( and now it's back ordered until the end of March (tear)!  But I did get the shelf put together and my wonderful Uncle came over to put it up for me husband and brother were gun shopping and I couldn't wait!
See the ugly white plate in the middle?  Stupid phone, network,cable box.  And my husband's hat collection!
Ugly!  And it never seemed to bother me before I had my amazing shelf, I pondered painting it to permanent, decoupage what if I hated it, vinyl too expensive to buy at Wal-Mart and I was to impatient to order it online.  I have issues with things that are permanent, I change my mind way too much!  So I decided magnets had potential, but after I moved the magnets from the fridge it wasn't enough.  And the one thing I have enough of in my house is scrapbook paper.  So a piece of poster board, scrapbook paper, a roll of magnet and a hot glue gun = ....
Covers up the majority of the ugliness (dumb box is 15x15 and not 12x12)!  It's not permanent!  And the best part is I had everything I needed stashed away!  So that is it for the past couple of days!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Mom_Rhonda said...

This looks great! Who would have ever thought a laundry room could be so cute?! The only thing decorating mine is dryer lint!

Jessi said...

I like those just as they are! no need to distress. And I love all the great things you did with your cricut...I think I need one!

jenjen said...

Those frames are so cute. And what a good way to disguise your box. I love that!

Thanks so much for linking up to my party! I really appreciate it!


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