Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Tomorrow if the big day!  My painter will be here bright and early to start, I can't wait!!  I got really excited on Monday when I got the phone call and started ripping stuff off the walls before I got before pictures, but I did remember before I got to the kitchen...so much going on with the cabinets (way too much, not all of it, if any will be going back).

Say goodbye to this entertainment center.  This was a hand me down that we have never been in love with but it was better than the tv table we had before so we took it.  After we my husband moved it into the garage we looked at each other and said that is not coming back into the house.  So look what I found!
 Look at the open shelves...I can't wait to fill these up and this matches the rest of our furniture so much better!  Not so sure my husband is in love with it but he did tell me to get what I wanted.  I never thought it would be hard to find an entertainment center with doors so the kids can't touch the cable box without getting caught a lot of them are open and sleek looking.  And for $124 I got a 5 year warranty, if something happens to it (even the kids coloring on it or gouging it) if they can't fix it they will replace it!  And it is smaller than what we had before so it won't be so HUGE and fit better into the living room!

And here are a few after pictures, it looks like we are getting ready to move out.  And the fact that there are no toys on the floor is kind of exciting, this hasn't happened in almost 3 years!
And I got a special delivery in the mail today, have to wait for the walls to be painted before I can reveal!  Hope everyone has a great night and I will post pictures tomorrow!  p.s. It's only 11:36 pm and I am headed to bed!!!!!


Pauline said...

How exciting:) I wish I could get my living room painted and get rid of my entertainment center. But I am not going to complain because we just got brand new furniture:)
I do want to ask-where did you get that entertainment center? It looks great:)

Kenzie said...

Oak Express at Furniture Row. This is my first grown up piece of furniture (it cost more than $400)!!

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