Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Painters are Coming!

I finally got the call that I have been waiting for....the bid for having the house painted!  And guess what?  Between the left over money from income taxes and my birthday  money (only a month early, don't judge) we can afford it and he is coming on Wednesday!  OMG!!  I never realized how much crap we have, it took me about 5 minutes to take down everything on the walls, 30 minutes to tackle the kitchen cabinets (so much dust) and then we had to take apart the dreaded entertainment center which I hate hate hate!  But it has served its purpose...thanks for the hand-me-down Gram!  But I refuse to bring it back into this house so I am on a mission (and I think I have enough cash) to find a new entertainment center or console of some sort.  Wish me luck!!

And I have been busy crafting, I'm just too lazy to get up and get the camera to download the pictures.  White buckets have been transformed and a few more surprises for my Bug too!  Pictures coming soon!  Happy 9 o'clock Dance of Joy!!


Coree said...

Ummm Sister can I have some of your energy/drive/motivation please?!?! You are amazing!

Mom_Rhonda said...

I need some too please!

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